Hay Smart Guise!

You really want this url dontcha?

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Untitled Train Story

The platform at the Jiyugaoka station was packed with people waiting for the next train, an express going towards Yokohama. Suits. Salary men. A few school kids and ladies who all seemed to have some sort of shopping bag with them. He’s seen this scene several times in the last week and blends right in […]

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on twitter

  • 1: Try new service 2: Enjoy it! 3: Get spam emailed by service every day for the following week 4: Rage quit and delete account 5: Repeat 43 minutes ago
  • iMessage insits on sending messages to people's old phone numbers that I've deleted from their contacts time and time again. Useless. 44 minutes ago
  • RT @PRISM_NSA: .@seanbonner the conversations we overheard you overhear on the streets of Silverlake today are amazing. #meta #data 18 hours ago
  • Oh cool! Twitter just sent me an email to let me know about Direct Messages! 18 hours ago
  • Trying to figure out which org is more corrupt: FIFA or LADOT 19 hours ago


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