Hay Smart Guise!

You really want this url dontcha?

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Untitled Train Story

The platform at the Jiyugaoka station was packed with people waiting for the next train, an express going towards Yokohama. Suits. Salary men. A few school kids and ladies who all seemed to have some sort of shopping bag with them. He’s seen this scene several times in the last week and blends right in […]

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  • Ottawa is literally the Canadian Ciudad Juarez RT @dangillmor: Time for a lockdown of America, because Ottawa is close to the US border. 4 hours ago
  • Does anyone have an old MacMini laying around that they aren't using? 4 hours ago
  • Is there a notebook or reader about this? RT @kevinmarks: I hear there's buzz that another wave of Google reinventing email could be a plus? 4 hours ago
  • Yo Dawg, I heard you liked Inboxes... 8 hours ago
  • I want to learn a Billy Bragg song on Ukelele and I want you to point me to a good tutorial. GO! 9 hours ago


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